We Make Your Phone Ring.

Pay-Per-Call Marketing. Pay only for what matters most
to you: Live Phone Calls.
A new era in marketing is here.
We think that you should not have to pay someone regardless of whether they deliver results. We call that pay and pray and we think it’s crazy. That’s why we do things a little differently…

Pay Per Performance

We charge on a Pay Per Call basis which means, if we don’t produce quality calls, you don’t pay!

100% Exclusive Referrals

Never be in a race to underbid other companies. We send our calls exclusively to you.

No Contracts

We don’t believe in locking you in to any kind of commitment. Cancel any time. No hard feelings!

Start Getting Calls the Next Day

You’ll begin receiving calls from customers in you area in as little as 24 hours.

Sign Off on Quality, Then Pay!

You’ll be able to listen to recordings of each call that’s sent. Only pay for the ones you sign off on.

All Leads Are Live Calls

Inboxes are where leads go to die. All our leads make your phone ring. Get ’em while they’re hot!



We send you exclusive calls from people in your area that are looking for your services.


You listen to recordings of all the calls that were billed at the end of the week.


You only pay for the high-quality calls you sign off on.


What constitutes a billable call?
A billable call is a call from someone inside your service area that’s looking for the services you offer. For ex: someone who requests and gets a price quote from you.
Do I pay for calls or sales that I close?
We charge on a per-call basis.
What do you charge per call?
The price per call varies depending on the industry. If you would like to find out how much they are for your business, please contact us.
Are there contacts or commitments?
Nope. You can cancel any time.
Are there any set up fees?
Yes. We charge a small fee to get your campaigns up and running. However, this fee is fully credited towards you first few calls. The amount varies depending on your industry. To find out what it would be for your industry, contact us.
Are the calls also sent to my competitors?
No way! Our calls are sent 100% exclusively to you. You’ll never be in a race to underbid a competitor.
Do you work with other companies in my area?
Nope. We only work with one service provider per city.
Can I receive calls only for certain services?
Yea. If you’d like to only be sent calls for some of the services you offer, just let us know. Your account manager will ensure that any campaigns are centered around these services.

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